Our Adventure to Sticker Con MNL (Vlog Included) | Bazaar Adventure

Stickercon MNL | Bazaar Adventure

March 10, 2018, Saturday 10am-7pm
JYC Hall B of Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City
Ticket: 100 per head
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Visiting the first ever Sticker Con MNL.

Sticker Con Manila is a convention where people buy and sell originally made stickers. Stickers that sold here range from original art to stickers inspired by pop-culture, comics, movies and tv shows. I think i saw more than a dozen versions of Eleven from 
Stranger things.  

I love going to these kind of bazaars/conventions because 100% of the merchants created the products that they are selling. That's why the 100 peso entrance fee is worth paying even if you're just looking around. It's like walking around at an art show. 

The place was packed. It was a bit hard to look and browse for stickers. The customers were as passionate as the artists. Everyone was walking around like they were a kid in a candy store. I felt like a sense of urgency because a lot of people were waiting behind me. But I shouldn't complain, this is a good thing. The more people buy from local artists the more of these kind of bazaars happen. Hopefully the next one will be longer to accommodate the number of customers coming in. 

I talked to a few merchants. All of them were really friendly. Most of them said that they made a lot of money. They didn't expect the number of people of that came. 
If they only knew they would printed more stickers.  

I put the stickers that i love on my laptop and phone. It's a good conversation starter. It's way to let people know that I'm a fan of a certain tv show or movie. I love it when people see my laptop filled with Mister Meeseeks stickers and they tell that they too watch 
Rick and Morty.  

I really hope that they have another next year. Despite of the crowd I really did enjoy 
going to Sticker CON MNL.

Venue: Bayanihan Center

Here are some of the artists that caught our eye. ;)

 happy #stickeraddicts

Ticket Stamp

Our sticker haul


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